A little something different….

Usually I would post about art, but today I wanna break away from that. This has been a very troubling month for me and many of my friends due to the unfortunate election results. So I wrote a little thing about how I feel. (Also it’s 3:00 AM and my mind is ON A ROLL RIGHT NOW.)

I believe in equality for all. Since the election, America is in a state of panic. Racism and bigotry has run rampant in the streets in the weeks since the 2016 election. Sexism and misogyny is a daily part of the American woman’s life. Millions of LGBT+ individuals are living in fear of what will become of them. How do we agree that “normal human beings” must share the same traits? How do we even believe that a “normal human being” can exist? We are different. Our differences are what make us human. Despite out differences, we still manage to be one and the same. We are humans.

I believe that we are one and the same. I believe that there is no reason to hate. I refuse to hate. We are all humans. Nobody can help being the person that they are. We are the race that went to the moon and back. We are the race that builds nations that stand the test of time. Progress is slowing, and until we accept each other for who we are, we will go nowhere as a species.

This is a dark and scary time for minorities, and we must come together to lift the oppressed up.  America is the land of the free. A democracy. A land where your voice can be heard. But there is no “American Dream.” Perhaps there was, but not anymore. If your skin is a certain shade, you are thrown into an endless cycle of bias, with society discriminating at you so much that it is a struggle to pull yourself out of the cycle. If you are born a woman, you are paid less for doing the same job as a man. If you identify as a gender other than the one you were born with, or if you love someone who is the same gender as you, you are not only declined and fired from jobs, but you could be forced into conversion therapy and tortured until you become someone else.

We are all the American people. We are a nation that must stand together. We are the land of the free. Being free should include the freedom to be who you are. These differences are only skin deep. We are humans. We are one. This I believe.


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