Art Dump #3 (Color)

abstract piece of my cat, zizzy. medium: acrylics, oils

This is a painting I did of my cat, Zizzy. The background is done with acrylic paints, the black corners are a mix of oil and acrylic, and the cat is a base coat of acrylic with oil paints for detail.

abstract vases
medium: acrylics


This is an abstract piece of jars. I did not use a paintbrush for this, I held the paint bottle over the paper and moved my arms to make the shapes.

painting of my horse, andy. medium: oils

This is an oil painting of my horse, Andy.

alien space deer
original design. medium: acrylics, oils, wax and blowtorch

This is one of my favorite pieces. The background is oil, the subject is acrylic, and the drip is wax that was altered by holding a blow torch underneath the wax.

bird at dusk
medium: acrylic paints, magazine

This is a multimedia piece of a bird done with ripped up magazine strips and acrylic paint.

medium: acrylic paints

This is a self portrait done with acrylic paints.


6 thoughts on “Art Dump #3 (Color)

  1. So many great and innovative things going on! I love the “tilt” perspective that shows up in so many ways–in the self-portrait, with the planes of black, it creates a great Rorschach (I thought at first I was looking at bats whooshing among treetops).


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