What is Considered Art?

When people think of art, they often think of traditional art forms like painting, drawing, sculpting, pottery, etc. But let’s look at the dictionary definition of art. According to Merriam-Webster, art is “something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings.” The definition of art is very broad, and with this definition, art can be anything from a gorgeous oil painting of a waterfall, a hand crafted wooden chair, or even a little flower made from colored pipe cleaners.

One example of an under-appreciated art form is graffiti. While most graffiti is considered vandalism and “ugly,” sometimes including hate speech and hate symbols, graffiti may also contain valuable messages advocating a stance on an issue, or a beautiful abstract piece, the size of a bridge. Banksy is an example of a mainstream street artist. While very controversial, (why he is controversial is another story,) his influence on street art is not arguable. His images have blown up so much that people may not even realize that the political image they are looking at is considered graffiti. His art has blown up so much that his work is often the focus of “edgy” Facebook memes, and you can buy his prints at Walmart (which is somewhat of a contradiction but that is to be discussed another time.)

Another less appreciated art form is body art and tattoos. Many people look upon tattoos and think that they are “ugly” or “unprofessional,” but the tattoo artists put hours and hours of work into this beautiful ink. Tattoos can be of anything, from a simple cross to an intricate portrait, or colorful abstract piece. There are many different types of tattoos too, from white ink, to red ink, to watercolor, the possibilities are endless. (click here to see more about tattoos!)

Photography is another example of a less appreciated art form. Lots of people believe that photography should not be considered an art form, because you “press a button and you’re done,” but this is not the case Taking the perfect photo can take ages, from setting up the shot to waiting for the perfect lighting and moment. Editing the photo is another process in itself. Editing one single picture can take just as much time, if not more than setting up the shot itself. But in the end, just “pressing a button” is creating something nonetheless, therefore it is art.


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