Art Dump #1 (Black and White)

In these posts, I will post 5 pieces of my art with a corresponding theme and describe the process and materials. 

This is a cyborg inspired piece I did for AP Studio Art. I took inspiration from sci-fi movies and games. I focused mainly on expressing shading in this piece, and every cable-like “hair” was individually shaded cell by cell.  I started with the woman on the left, and used a light box to mirror the outline on the other side, then shaded the new woman. 

This is also a piece I did for AP: Studio Art. I started with the feline in the middle, then copied it onto the left and right using a light box. I then shaded the two felines on the side, leaving the middle one blank. 

Another piece for AP: Studio Art. For this piece, we were required to do a piece involving the pointillist style, and my subject was a koi.

A piece of fan art from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, with the character Aela the Huntress as the focus. I had a difficult time shading this piece, since it was my first realistic portrait. I hope to improve upon this image. 

A piece of fan art from the movie Donnie Darko, featuring the character Frank. This was more of a just for fun piece and I didn’t try to practice and improve my skills with this. 


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