Cosplay! (Picture post with explanation!)

 I started cosplaying when I was in 9th grade. My best friend was very interested in it and influenced me to pick up the hobby as well. I started out with a very simple costume, L from Death Note. L’s outfit consisted of dark pants, a long-sleeve white t-shirt, a black wig, and lots of black eyeshadow. I got into costume and took lots of different pictures,most of which were lost.

Except this pic!

My second cosplay was a lot more difficult than my first one. I decided to make a costume based on Sollux Captor from the webcomic, Homestuck. Sollux was much more different from L because his outfit consisted of grey jeans, a black t-shirt with the Gemini logo, black and white shoes, a styled black wig, 3-D glasses, and last but not least, grey skin and four candy corn colored horns. The horns took many tries to master, and I used modeling clay and acrylic paint. The costume did not look very good but I got practice and skill from making it

(I have no images of my Sollux costume thank God)

The first time I went to a cosplay convention was July of my Sophomore year. It was a very small convention in Asheville with very few people. I went as Terezi Pyrope, another character from Homestuck. Her costume was very similar to Sollux’s in the fact that I needed grey body paint and candy-corn horns. I looked like a hot mess on the convention floor, but my skill has improved greatly since then.


Cosplay is an art form that has always been dear to my heart. Cosplay has encouraged me to be self-confident and creative, as well as helping me problem solve. I am not a perfect cosplayer, but I am improving and making work with the materials that I have. I will be adding a section to this blog dedicated solely to cosplay, and I will post my cosplays and the creative process I went through while making them.

My most recent costume! This is Aerith from Final Fantasy 7 (minus the coat! I have absolutely no sewing skills and not enough time to practice). This is probably one of my favorite costumes I’ve ever done 🙂 Below is her official art for reference! I don’t have her staff either, but she is often seen and associated with flowers, since she is a flower merchant, so I carried a flower basket instead.



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